"On The Spot"

Work completed Autumn 2016 by Juliet Quintero of DPQ.  Photo by Georgia Pulford Photography


Vision 2015

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"On the Spot" 

DPQ has been commissioned by Derby City Council to deliver a new public artwork for 'The Spot' in Derby's city centre, and which will form part of a larger landscaping masterplan. Standing at 7metres high, “On the Spot” is a landmark for Derby and is inspired by Derby’s tradition of excellence and innovation in engineering, as witnessed in local companies of international reputation today – such as Rolls Royce and Smiths of Derby.

The original brief for the project was to create a distinct identity of The Spot as a ‘place’ and create an identifiable landmark and gateway for St Peter’s Quarter. Working collaboratively with design professionals it was also to create a space for public performance, meeting and gathering.

Appointed artist Juliet Quintero from DPQ (Dallas Pierce Quintero) asked the question - what makes Derby what it is today, not just looking at the past, but also towards the future?

"We were originally inspired by the strong reference to innovation and engineering in its history, as the birthplace of the industrial revolution, location of the first water powered silk mill, the birthplace of modern rail industry, and home to John Whitehurst famous clockmaker and others."

Today Derby is an internationally renowned centre for advanced transport manufacturing, and boasts resident companies such as Rolls Royce, Toyota and Bombardier. 

A common theme that keeps reoccurring is that of "Motion", "Moving Forward" or "Progress".  A continuous search for effortless motion.  Our challenge to work this into a three dimensional sculpture, which also works within the new landscaping proposals on the Spot and the multitude of different uses for this public space.

The final form tries to capture this idea of perpetual motion and represents a continuous loop created from 4 helixes folded in on itself.   It is a self supporting structure, ie it is not cladding hiding the structure, rather the final form is the structure itself. It is created via rolled stainless steel sections, creating a structurally efficient and aerodynamic multiple form.



"Timeline" was designed by Smith of Derby and commissioned by Derby City Council as part of the landscaping masterplan for the seating area. It shows some of the key points in time in Derby's history and those who inspired them.