Poppy Sculpture

An Engineered Artwork

The Poppy sculpture was created by Engineered Learning and supported by the Derwent Neighbourhood Board using Section 106 funding for public art. The sculpture took a over year to design manufacture and install with several students from two academic years being involved in the process.

“Celebrating the WW 1 Centenary, this project has been an amazing journey for both students and staff, taking over a year to complete and providing great talking points and skill development. Seeing our students embrace and willingly contribute in their own way to saying thank you to those who helped create the world we now live in has been truly inspiring. I am incredibly proud of my students and for them to be able to leave their mark and invest in their own environment for years to come, for their children and grandchildren to be able to celebrate their achievements as we have celebrated our fore fathers will be very hard to surpass”. Dan Read Engineered Learning.

The Poppies are made from Weathering steel (core-ten) which is a very robust and durable material originally used in the making of WW II tanks and industrial structures. The patina (colour) will change over time from bright orange to deep red very similar to the variety of colours of poppies and this is something that the students were keen to show in the design. There is also stainless detailing which reflects the light to mark the fragility of life in the petals but also the hope in the future for all.

 The location of the installation will be on Nottingham Road, the best way to describe it is outside the Fire Station opposite the Nottingham Road cemetery.

The Deputy Mayor who is also the President of Oakwood Royal British Legion unveiled the sculpture on the 7th November 2018.